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Career Assessments on the Internet

Keirsey Temperament Web SiteDirect link to the Keirsey Character Test (gives Myers-Briggs results). Gives good links to related sites.

Career Mapp Assessment – an assessment that identifies interests and talents related to the world of work and generates a list of top ten career titles.

Undeclared Major Handbook (Minnesota State University) – This assessment will help you identify the lifestyles you would like your career to provide.

Personality TestsOver 30 different personality tests. Everything from IQ to Keirsey, some are fun some are more serious.

Career Planning – Job Search -provides a sample self-assessment exercise to help you determine your job personality using Holland’s codes and explains what it all means.

Medical Financial Assistance Careers – with the Affordable Care Act, many new medical-related career opportunities are available for motivated individuals looking to work in healthcare revenue cycle management.